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Easter Sunday confirmed now as two 5k races

After the success of trying a straight 5k on Easter Sunday, this will now become a permanent fixture of the weekend

The women have traditionally run a 5k race but prior to 2017 the men race a 4 x 5k relay. Following a pilot race in 2017, it has been agreed to scrap the relay and run both 5ks as straight races. Men and women will run separately. 

Here are some of the benefits we identified from running a straight race:

  • Better race atmosphere
  • The race was less strung out, this was much better for the slower runners
  • It is possible to complete the team event with just three runners rather than four
  • Times count for Power of 10/5k road PBs
  • It will create a better head-to-head for the overall Festival win if two athletes are close after Friday and Saturday
  • A less strung-out event also made ir safer with other users on the Prom
  • We were able to start slightly later and still finish slightly earlier than in previous years
  • Less helpers were needed at sign-on so they could be moved onto the course to improve marshalling

Race times will be:
10.30 – women
11.15 – men

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