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Archive News

2014 News

Prize Fund announced Due to the high number of entries, we are pleased to confirm that the prize fund for this year's Festival is in excess of £4500. We try and spread the prizes as much as we can, balancing rewarding the top finishers but also trying to make sure that those finishing just behind have…

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2013 News

Weather Conditions update Last Friday and Saturday, like many other parts of the British Isles, the Isle of Man experienced heavy snowfalls. Some parts are still cut off without electricity. Of the parts where the Festival takes place, Peel was the worst affected and there were snowfalls on the hill. The amount of snow in…

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2012 News

Easter Festival Preview One of the major parts of the Easter Sports Festival, the Easter Athletics Festival, starts this Friday(writes Chris Quine) This year the event is celebrating its 50th anniversary and this has attracted the largest entry since the events heyday in the 1980's. Around 400 competitors, from all parts of the British Isles will be…

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