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Event Rules 2022

To ensure the smooth running of the event and general good sportsmanship, we have developed a few rules. Unless stated, UK Athletics rules apply. On occasions in the past, people have made what they think are small transgressions. However, these can have the effect of making life quite tricky for the race organisers and can be unfair to other teams. Therefore, please make sure you keep to the rules below. If you are in any doubt, ask first!



The event rules accommodate university teams as well as affiliated athletics club teams. To count for a team award all team members must be bona fide past or present students at the relevant educational establishment, be entered as a member of that team and wear an appropriate vest/tee-shirt (rather than their usual club vest). Members of club teams must be first-claim club members.

Teams shall consist of four to run, three to score. The team with the lowest aggregate positions will be the winner. In the event of two teams having the same score then the position of the fourth runner will be counted.

A few points to clarify:

– Only athletes who complete the race will be eligible to win a team award.

– All teams must be declared at race registration at least 30 minutes before the start of that team’s first race.

– Runners cannot run for more than one team during the weekend i.e. Team A on Friday and Team B on Saturday

– Runners cannot be added to a team once that team has been declared.

– All runners have to be entered into the Festival at the time that the team is declared

Non-affiliated athletics clubs and running groups cannot be included.

Overall awards:


To be eligible for the overall team award, no changes are permitted to your team during the weekend. The team position in each race will be counted towards the overall team prize e.g. 1st = one point. The winners will be the team with the lowest points scored.

In the event of a tie in either the men’s or women’s event, the winners will be decided on the aggregate time of the three scoring runners in the Easter Sunday 5k race.


The winner will be the individual with the lowest aggregate positions over the three days.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on aggregate time over the three races.

Age Groups:

Winter 2021-2022 age groups will apply. For junior age groups i.e. under 20, under 17, the age is at 1st September 2021. Runners in all events must be aged 15 years or over on the day.

For veterans/masters, age is on the first day of the Festival i.e. 15th April, both men and women aged over 35. There are no other age groups e.g. Vet 40, Vet 45, etc.


You must wear the official race number for all three races.

Please also complete the medical information on the reverse of your number.

Note – any competitor tampering with or mutilating their number will be disqualified.

Multiple prizes:

Any competitor who is eligible for more than one individual prize in a single race, for example, 10th overall, 2nd veteran/masters, will only be eligible for one prize. The prize awarded will be the one receiving the higher monetary value.

Late entries:

These will be permitted up to 30 minutes before the start of each race but will incur an £5 additional fee for the 10k and £4 additional fee for the hill race and 5k. Also, late entrants will not receive a Festival t-shirt or commemorative hill race hat.


In the event of any dispute, the matter will be referred to the Festival Director whose decision is final.

Course records:

Bonus awards are available for course records (based on the courses used since 2006). These will be for male and female only and will not apply to age group records.

There will only be one award per race and this will be given to the first person to cross the line. So, if say three runners break the record, only the winner will receive the bonus.

Isle of Man Easter Festival Organising Committee | February 2022

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