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3 days ago

David Griffiths

19 weeks to go - and a 'record' bonus for Easter!

Getting into the Festive spirit, the organising team are pleased to announce a potential £600 bonus to be added to the usual Prize Fund for the 2019 Festival - but you have to be a very good athlete to claim a share of it!

It's a number of years now since any of the course records were broken - all three women's records were set in the 50th anniversary event in 2012, and you have to go back even further for the men's records - all three of those were set in 2007.

A prize of £100 is on offer for any course record that is beaten (not equaled!) in 2019 - so up to £300 extra could be won by any man or woman on top of the regular prize money for winning a race. So for example, if an athlete wins all three races in record times they will win a total of £800 (£200 for the 10k, £150 for Peel Hill, £100 for the 5k, £50 for winning the overall Festival title and £100 for each course record broken) - plus a share of any team prizes.

We have taken the records to be times set since the Festival was revamped into its current format in 2006. The existing course records are:

Men 10k: 30:16 - Jonny Mellor (Liverpool Harriers) 2007
Women 10k: 34:18 – Rosie Smith (Hunters Bog Trotters) 2012
Men Peel Hill: 20:10 – James Walsh (Leeds Uni Doss) 2007
Women Peel Hill: 16:49 – Olivia Walwyn (Durham Uni) 2012
Men 5k: 14:36 – Jonny Mellor (Liverpool Harriers) 2007
Women 5k: 17:13 – Rosie Smith (Hunters Bog Trotters) 2012

The selection of photos are from the collections of Murray Lambden and Ian Astin. Sadly neither are with us any more, but their wonderful photos of athletics events continue to be enjoyed by us all. They show all four record holders during races in which they set their records, and Rosie and Olivia receiving their prizes from Ron Hill and Mike Doherty respectively in 2012.

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Anyone planning their visit for next Easter might to interested to know that Easyjet are releasing their flights which will cover the Easter period on Thursday 20th September.

in 2018, Easyjet have offered flights from Gatwick, Luton, Liverpool, Bristol and, since June 2018, Belfast International

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10k Road Race

Good Friday sees the start of the festival with a 10km road race starting at 6.30pm. Men and women run together although there are, of course, separate prizes for the women. There are also team prizes to be won and awards for the leading veterans and juniors.

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Peel Hill Race

On Saturday afternoon, action moves to Peel a fishing village on the west of the island, about 11 miles from Douglas.The race starts and finishes near the quayside at the House of Manannan with start times of 14.15hrs(men) and 15.05hrs (women).

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5km Races

Sunday morning concludes the running with a 5km road race on an out and back course along Douglas Promenade.

Ladies race starts at 10.30hrs and the Men’s at 11.15am.

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